Pros and cons of French bulldog temperaments

Celebrities and common people are choosing French bulldogs for their cute appearances. These bulldogs are small and cheerful creatures and that’s the main reason for people to choose them as affectionate pets.

American bulldogs and the English versions are huge and scary; but the temperament, appearance and attitude of the French bulldog have difference. They don’t give the same outlook as the big bulldogs having huge weight and structures. Frenchies are home variants and can adjust at any place without difficulty. However, the big bulldogs of other types require huge space or outdoor areas for roaming.

The French bulldogs are about 12-16 inches tall and the size is just appropriate for indoor apartments. Some bulldogs will have small size for the lifetime and weigh less than 28 pounds. The adult dogs become quite understanding and behave like matured toddlers. There are many pros and cons of every breed of dogs and so is the case with Frenchies.

We’ve clubbed up the positive and negative aspects of the French bulldog temperaments, which are clubbed up by practical experience of many owners.

Pros and cons of French bulldog temperaments


French bulldogs are highly witty and require less time to get trained. They are alert dogs and if trained effectively, they could be great watchdogs as well. They don’t bark too much and it might be a problem for them to express anything wrong occurring at house at any moment.

They are well behaved dogs and love to play with other pets and members of the family. They can be called as the best companions with loving and affectionate nature. They don’t require too much of area to live and can be accommodated in indoor areas, apartments and small houses.


French bulldogs can become stubborn at times. If they are not trained properly, they can misbehave by spilling the things and making non-sensible gestures. They usually fart and produce smells. French bullies have a tendency to snore and drool. These dogs can’t swim and get breathing issues due to flat nasal passage.