French Bulldogs: Adorable Pets

French bulldog is a compact and quite muscular breed of dog. It is a French version of English bulldogs and was bred by the English lace workers in France. They have cute appearance and look like pugs with solid bones and flat nose. The size of these dogs is much smaller than the English bulldogs. This breed has become very popular due to their clown face and cute appearance.

French bulldogs have many physical attributes like terriers and bull dogs. They have smooth coating of the skin and un-cropped tail. The shape of head and nose is flat and the eyes are round and set widely. The ears of frenchies are like bat and the upper section is smaller; which grows wider at the base area. The facial characters of these dogs reveal alert minds and intelligent brains. They are curious and learn things very soon. They are about 12-14 inches in height with 19-28 pounds of weight. Fawn, black, brown and brindle are the common shades of these animals. Fawn and black are the common colors liked by majority of people for French bulldogs.

French bulldogs have mastiffs and the English bulldogs as ancestors and this makes them strong and interesting dogs. They have comical characters and the facial expressions of the dogs are like clowns. You will find them affectionate, playful, alert and possessive dogs. They can spend their time alone with toys or TV, but when the owner is around, they will demand for personal attention and love from them. French bulldogs can get strong bonding with family members and one member will become especially close to them. They have good bonding with kids and can help you as caretakers for kids for a few minutes.

Frenchies are ideal pets for home as an enjoyable company. You can look for a right breeder or adoption center to bring these dogs home. It is always better to know in detail about the pet before bringing them home. Read on web about them and know them better to enjoy being with them.