Color and Coat of French bulldogs

There are many color variations for French bulldogs. These are adorable dogs available in different colors and you can choose the ones matching your taste. There are many guidelines set for authenticity for pure French bullies. There are official standards raised by the American Kennel Club and color of the dog is also a biggest mark in defining the dog originality. There are many pure breeds of the dogs, but they are not fit for the dog shows due to some or the other reason.

Color standards for French bulldogs for Dog Shows:

The color of the French bulldog becomes important for getting a rank in the dog show. There are many owners having desire to get the dog considered for professional shows. Some of the coats are not acceptable as per the standards of the club and you must know about all these things before enrolling your dog for any event.

French bulldogs are examined by weight and color selections in the beginning. The dogs are disqualified from the competitions, if the color coatings or markings are uneven. The breeding standards must be met and the dogs need to have purity of breed. There are some dogs having very little differences from the pure dogs, but those are also not considered in the case of dog show winning competitions. Pet quality of French bulldogs is generally lower in price in comparison to the people willing to take them for dog shows. Pure breeds are always expensive and have different specifications.

Color and Coat of French bulldogs

Color coating standards for French bulldogs

There are many clubs and organizations having standard requirements for French bullie coating. All brindle combinations, black, white and fawn colors are acceptable for ring shows or competitions. The white markings or any other uneven spots are never considered positive for a pure breed. There are many debates for marking the wrong colors of these breeds and extensive knowledge of examiners is required to make right selection for giving ranks to dogs.