French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs: Adorable Pets

French bulldog is a compact and quite muscular breed of dog. It is a French version of English bulldogs and was bred by the English lace workers in France. They have cute appearance and look like pugs with solid bones and flat nose. The size of these dogs is much smaller than the English bulldogs. This breed has become very popular due to their clown face and cute appearance.

French bulldogs have many physical attributes like terriers and bull dogs. They have smooth coating of the skin and un-cropped tail. The shape of head and nose is flat and the eyes are round and set widely. The ears of frenchies are like bat and the upper section is smaller; which grows wider at the base area. The facial characters of these dogs reveal alert minds and intelligent brains. They are curious and learn things very soon. They are about 12-14 inches in height with 19-28 pounds of weight. Fawn, black, brown and brindle are the common shades of these animals. Fawn and black are the common colors liked by majority of people for French bulldogs.French Bulldogs Adorable Pets

French bulldogs have mastiffs and the English bulldogs as ancestors and this makes them strong and interesting dogs. They have comical characters and the facial expressions of the dogs are like clowns. You will find them affectionate, playful, alert and possessive dogs. They can spend their time alone with toys or TV, but when the owner is around, they will demand for personal attention and love from them. French bulldogs can get strong bonding with family members and one member will become especially close to them. They have good bonding with kids and can help you as caretakers for kids for a few minutes.

Frenchies are ideal pets for home as an enjoyable company. You can look for a right breeder or adoption center to bring these dogs home. It is always better to know in detail about the pet before bringing them home. Read on web about them and know them better to enjoy being with them.

Color and Coat of French bulldogs

There are many color variations for French bulldogs. These are adorable dogs available in different colors and you can choose the ones matching your taste. There are many guidelines set for authenticity for pure French bullies. There are official standards raised by the American Kennel Club and color of the dog is also a biggest mark in defining the dog originality. There are many pure breeds of the dogs, but they are not fit for the dog shows due to some or the other reason.

Color standards for French bulldogs for Dog Shows:

The color of the French bulldog becomes important for getting a rank in the dog show. There are many owners having desire to get the dog considered for professional shows. Some of the coats are not acceptable as per the standards of the club and you must know about all these things before enrolling your dog for any event.

French bulldogs are examined by weight and color selections in the beginning. The dogs are disqualified from the competitions, if the color coatings or markings are uneven. The breeding standards must be met and the dogs need to have purity of breed. There are some dogs having very little differences from the pure dogs, but those are also not considered in the case of dog show winning competitions. Pet quality of French bulldogs is generally lower in price in comparison to the people willing to take them for dog shows. Pure breeds are always expensive and have different specifications.

Color and Coat of French bulldogs

Color coating standards for French bulldogs

There are many clubs and organizations having standard requirements for French bullie coating. All brindle combinations, black, white and fawn colors are acceptable for ring shows or competitions. The white markings or any other uneven spots are never considered positive for a pure breed. There are many debates for marking the wrong colors of these breeds and extensive knowledge of examiners is required to make right selection for giving ranks to dogs.

Pros and cons of French bulldog temperaments

Celebrities and common people are choosing French bulldogs for their cute appearances. These bulldogs are small and cheerful creatures and that’s the main reason for people to choose them as affectionate pets.

American bulldogs and the English versions are huge and scary; but the temperament, appearance and attitude of the French bulldog have difference. They don’t give the same outlook as the big bulldogs having huge weight and structures. Frenchies are home variants and can adjust at any place without difficulty. However, the big bulldogs of other types require huge space or outdoor areas for roaming.

The French bulldogs are about 12-16 inches tall and the size is just appropriate for indoor apartments. Some bulldogs will have small size for the lifetime and weigh less than 28 pounds. The adult dogs become quite understanding and behave like matured toddlers. There are many pros and cons of every breed of dogs and so is the case with Frenchies.

We’ve clubbed up the positive and negative aspects of the French bulldog temperaments, which are clubbed up by practical experience of many owners.

Pros and cons of French bulldog temperaments


French bulldogs are highly witty and require less time to get trained. They are alert dogs and if trained effectively, they could be great watchdogs as well. They don’t bark too much and it might be a problem for them to express anything wrong occurring at house at any moment.

They are well behaved dogs and love to play with other pets and members of the family. They can be called as the best companions with loving and affectionate nature. They don’t require too much of area to live and can be accommodated in indoor areas, apartments and small houses.


French bulldogs can become stubborn at times. If they are not trained properly, they can misbehave by spilling the things and making non-sensible gestures. They usually fart and produce smells. French bullies have a tendency to snore and drool. These dogs can’t swim and get breathing issues due to flat nasal passage.

French bulldogs: Best choice of pet

Dog is man’s best friend and this is a factual statement for French bulldogs as well. You can equate your pet with your best friend and hence, if you are looking for a great companion, French bulldog will be the best choice for you. It can fit into any size of the house and adjust well; provided they are given full love and care by the owner. There are many choices when it comes to the purchase of the French bulldog.

Frenchies are descendants of the English bulldogs, which were moved by the English workers to the land of France in the 1800s. The popularity of these dogs was reported in early 1900s. American families adopted these dogs by importing them in the US. These cute dogs have compact body muscles and snubbed nose structure. You will love their small features, short height and straight tails. The facial expressions of French bulldogs are like clowns and they weigh 28 pounds on an average. The legs of dogs are short and stout with common colors corresponding to fawn, brindle or black. These dogs don’t require too much of maintenance.French bulldogs Best choice of pet

French bulldogs can fit into even small spaced houses. They don’t even require exercising and can lead problem free life without stressing their body. If you can get them on regular walks, it is always good; but too much of walking can stress them and cause multiple problems. They love to stay indoors during warm weathers and it is never recommended to keep them under too much of pressure or heat. The average lifespan is about 12-15 years.

French bulldog can be your great companion and have friendly nature. They can easily make friends and even greet the people coming to your house very well. The personality of these dogs is warm, affectionate and loving. They are attention seekers and will love you for all your do for them.

Adopt a French bulldog

French bulldogs are interesting creatures, which will never let you feel bored. You don’t have to feel lonely with them as they are ready to give you all the attention, love and care. They will be with you all the time and if you are a dog lover, this is a perfect choice for your house.

French puppies are generally recommended for the people having great love for dogs. They develop great senses for affection and out of all the members of a family, one will be their damn favorite. There are professionals offering frenchies for sale and adoption. This business goes around for professional breeders and rescue organization members.

The pups are available for sale and adoption and the mothers are separated from the dogs after 8 weeks. Adoption centers are very clean and there are proper legalized papers signed by the owners to take guarantee for taking care of these animals. Frenchies go along well with other pets and all the members of a family. They deserve your care and if you’ve brought them home, it is entirely up to you to handle them in the best way. You can contact the adoption center, if you are looking for some specific kind of pup or adult dog.

Adopt a French bulldog

French bulldogs are valuable dogs and every dog lover would love to have such kind of pet at home. You have to be very particular in taking care of them and train them during the early phases. After a few days, you will find that the dog has got attachment with you and this emotional bonding will be helpful for you in the long run.

French bulldogs can be trained easily as they are quite witty. They have higher sense of understanding meant for analyzing a particular situation well. Adopt a dog to give them a new life.